Bets We Made and Wished We Hadn’t

Even knowing full well that start-ups have a very high probability of failure, we hated the fact that businesses we were closely associated with didn’t make it. It’s way worse than just losing your own money, and we lost plenty in all three of these.


Note to self … Know what you understand and, more importantly, know what you don’t! If you haven’t memorized poker odds tables, don’t play Texas Hold’em. We provided board services and also accounting services to this company. We also assisted with the orderly shut-down of the business.

Prairie Cloudware

Note to self … Even a great product built for a market which you are intimately familiar can be too far in front of the demand curve to let you survive. Eventual success is there, but it takes lots of time and very deep pockets. We provided leadership, board and accounting services to this start-up company. We also assisted with its orderly shut-down.

Simple Insurance

Note to self … Never bet on something that depends on recently passed legislation which is also a political football; If the Speaker of the House says, “You won’t understand what’s in the bill until you pass it”, believe them. We provided board and financial analysis/accounting for this start-up and eventually assisted with the orderly shut-down of the business.
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