Companies that have been sold or monetized


In 1993, Fish, Dwight and Tom were part of a senior management team which led a leveraged buyout of a local company named Applied Communications, Inc. That company was combined with another operating company to create Transaction Systems Architects (TSA). TSA went public in 1995 and later changed its name to ACI Worldwide Inc. The firm continues to be a leading financial technology company.


Scooters is an Omaha-based retail coffee company that we sold. Originally, we purchased control of this franchisor and provided management, accounting and other services to this company until it was sold back to the original founder and his investment group.

Income Dynamics

Income Dynamics was sold to Intuit; we provided board services to this company which was purchased from a local CPA, converted from paper to digital and eventually sold to Intuit.

Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty Pharmacy was sold to West, Inc. The firm provides telephonic and online pharmacy services. We provided consulting services and eventually introduced this company to West.


Prism Technologies was sold to Internet Payments Corp in 2015. The firm provides IP and technology licensing services. Treetop was an early investor in this patent technology company and provided board services.


Planet Group, an early provider of consulting and technology in the payments industry, was sold to CSG Systems. We invested in this company after leaving TSA and eventually sold the business to CSG along with providing management services for their software division.


MeNetwork was formed by a former colleague to provide location-based marketing. The firm was sold to Spindle. We provided accounting services plus board leadership to this start-up.


Ballyhoo was sold to Reynolds & Reynolds. We provided finance and accounting services to this start-up along with board services until the company was sold.

Prairie Finance

Prairie Finance purchased sub-prime auto loans. The business was successfully wound down when partners exited the business. We founded, staffed and managed this business including providing all accounting and other services.


USMPS was sold to Access Bank, an Omaha financial institution. The firm was founded by others that we knew in the payments business. We purchased control of the business and ran it for several years prior to selling its business to a local bank. We provided accounting, leadership and board services.
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