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Spend Less Time Managing Your Wealth.
More Time Enjoying It.

With great wealth comes great responsibility. It takes a lot of time, effort and know-how to keep, disperse, invest and manage your family’s wealth so it can be enjoyed for generations to come. You could do it yourself. But why? From property management to estate planning, asset allocation to tax preparation, Treetop Ventures has the experience and resources to efficiently and effectively manage your wealth. So you can relax and spend less time managing your wealth, and more time enjoying it.

Typical Services Performed by Treetop:

  • Document Management and Recordkeeping
  • Bill Payment Services
  • Personal Financial Statement Preparation
  • Financial Modeling
  • Staff/Department Evaluation
  • Pricing Analysis
  • 3rd Party Contract Review
  • IT Analysis
  • Data Center Outsourcing Review & Recommendations

Services Coordinated with or Outsourced to Industry Professionals:

  • Cash Management
  • Asset Allocation and Investment Strategy Consulting
  • Comprehensive Performance Reporting
  • Investment Manager Selection and Monitoring
  • Portfolio Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Philanthropic Planning
  • Life Insurance Analysis
  • Debt Structure and Analysis – Bank Financing
  • Tax Return Preparation (Gathering for Professional)
  • Foundation Management
  • Entity Administration (FLPs, CLTs, CRTs, Installment Sales, etc.)
  • Aircraft Consulting (Buy, Sell, Lease, Usage Plans)
  • Risk Management & Asset Protection Consulting
  • Real Estate Management (Rental, buy-sell, maintenance)
  • Sufficiency and Retirement Planning

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