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Rooted in Excellence.

Established with the idea of providing top-notch consulting services to start-up companies, the Treetop name has its roots in an old Fisher family expression that defined anything that was ‘top of the line’. Whether a nice home, a Rolex watch, a perfectly executed glass of sweet tea or a fine suit, if the product or service delivers a wonderful, best-in-class experience, “treetop” defines it, and what we do for our customers every day, in every way.

Treetop founders, Bill Fisher, Tom Boje and Dwight Hanson, have roots in the Omaha community. Dwight and Bill both worked at public accounting firms in their early years before meeting at ACI, which is where they met Tom – all three worked together to substantially grow the company through the late 90’s. Together, they invested in several other businesses and became part of a nucleus at a local start-up. From the relationships they established in their previous companies, all three were part of an informal network of entrepreneurs… many of which came to them seeking advice on a variety of business issues. They decided to start a company to provide services to individuals and start-up companies. Their first customer was someone from their past that was looking to establish a family office for their diversified holdings. Eventually, they branched out and began working with several start-up companies to consult on fundraising and basic financial models.

The mission of Treetop Ventures today is to provide very personal, hands-on wealth/asset management and business consulting services to individuals and small companies in the Omaha area.

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